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Wife + mom + daughter + sister + friend = a unique individual

That's me. Wow...lots of changes, so it's time to update the bio. I lost my mom in April '08, so the caregiver portion of my life has changed to kids and husband. I still work from home in the e-publishing biz. Co-Founder of Ellipses Press Ltd with LiveJournal pal Angylinni. And I'm writing...so you can see the pattern. Finding my niche is awesome!!

Also work a seasonal part-time gig at a local golf course. It's been keeping me rather busy lately so the posting is not as frequent as it used to be. :( Hopefully that will change in the near future.

I usually post BSG fiction and MSR3K Recaps/Reviews of the episodes. I'm also hoping to start recapping other shows of actors that interest me along with posting blurbs of my original fiction. Probably reviews and new releases from Ellipses and other authors I've worked with also. Please drop by when you want a good read. :)

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