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Okay, I'm in the middle of a really rough edit with a brand new author and I have a very simple question for my awesome flisters.

Going behind a cut for the details...

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Coming to Amazon on October 17!!

Hello Flisters!!

Please give me a moment to reveal the wonderful and awesome cover for ecstaticdance writing as Jevevive Desroches.


*drum roll*

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TV is GOOD Again!!


Guys…I'm compelled to make a post because you know what? TV IS SO GOOOOOD AGAIN!!!

I'll go behind the cut to blather on, but I'm all excited about so much stuff right now. Some new and a few new to me, but fairly recent, and a couple upcoming ones I'm excited about.

So…behind the cut I go for gushing…

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Okay, gotta hit my bed. More updates in the very near future.

Catch everyone on the flip!



*tap-tap-tap* Is this thing on?

Well hello my flisters!

Ugh. So I didn't start posting as promised. What can I say? It's been a little crazy at SkyHouse. L

But…the good news is…I have managed to get a weekly blog post up on all three of my author blogs so getting back into posting on LJ shouldn't be too much of a stretch. I'm really missing everyone and want to get back into interacting with my flisters.

So…hopefully at least once a week I can get something up about books, writing, publishing, TV, movies, whatever. And hopefully my lovely friends will a) not fall over in shock, and b) engage in conversation. :D *crosses everything*

Also working on getting my website up and running. Will kindly ask everyone for thoughts once it goes live. :D

First up…let's go behind a cut for some TV ramblings, okay?

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Wow...2013 is Almost Here

Greetings Flisters!!

Well, it's the end of the year and I completely missed getting my 12 Days of Ficmas posted. But I had a good reason. I got hit with the flu. Ten days of utter misery. Ugh. Then, each family member ended up with it, too. I think I went through a dozen cans of disinfectant in two weeks. LOL

So…if everyone is cool with this plan, I'll start posting in the very near future. Can't really call it the 12 Days of Ficmas, but I'm open to suggestions. :D

Now that I've got that out of the way. I hope everyone has a spectacular 2013. I'm figuring on making an awesome go of it…and seriously…I WILL post more than a handful of times this year. LOL

Happy New Year!!


The State of Sky

The State of SkyTV

Crap, wanted to post this in November, but got sidetracked by editing deadlines and writing. And court has been batshit insane since like July, so Monday through Wednesday are utter brain dead days for me. The good news is I'm pretty sure I can now write judgment entries in my sleep, even if Legalese is still like a foreign language sometimes. LOL

So…my fave way to wind down is vegging out with television. Oddly, I'm not watching as much as I used to, or maybe it's more like I'm not watching as many shows as I used to. I only have about six appointment shows at the moment, which is almost unheard of for me. I don't know, I'm so fried when I get home that I have to really, really want to engage with the show or not bother. L

Anyway…behind the cut I go to discuss what I am watching…

Walking Dead, Castle, SoA, Haven, Fringe and Arrow...Collapse )

An Important Question for my Flisters

Okay, Flisters, I have a question for you all. When you're picking up a book to read, what are you looking for?  angylinni and I are brainstorming ideas for Ellipses and we think contemporary romance/fiction is someplace we should be exploring. Thoughts on this, anyone? Several of our lines are geared towards niche markets, so we’d really like to target broader ones as well.

And if you're not a fan of contemporary romance, what do you gravitate toward? Paranormal? Erotica? Spec Rom? Suspense? Dystopian? Historical? Urban Fantasy? Something else? Let us know your favorite genre to read.

Thanking everyone in advance. I'm really excited to see your responses. :D



Releases from Ellipses Press, Ltd.

Okay, as promised, a post about Ellipses and what we currently have available. Going to behind a cut to save flist space.

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All Aboard the Birmingham Express

So…as noted in my previous post, I got to go spend some fangirl time with ez_as_pi down in Birmingham, AL. Why Alabama? It happens to be the halfway point between where I live in Ohio and where Pi lives in Texas. :D And honestly? Not a bad ten plus hour drive.

Guess what weekend we picked to hit Birmingham? Talladega weekend. If you follow NASCAR at all, that's like a big race or some such. Mr. Sky was beyond jealous. Talladega is on his list of races to see before he dies. The good news? I now know how to get to Alabama. The bad news…I'm really NOT a NASCAR fan. LOL

Anyhoo…Pi and I visited a botanical garden on Saturday…you know, to say we actually left the hotel and got out to see some of the city. LOL We also hit a Walmart (because I ALWAYS forget something) and did a Chick-Fil-A dinner on Friday. The rest of the time we did movies and catching up and talked writing. Pi also got to listen to me grumble about work since I brought a manuscript to finish edits on.

The day I left I got a new phone and once I figured out how to operate the damned thing (with a little Pi help) I got to take some pictures of the garden. Thought I'd share a few since the place had some really gorgeous flowers, even though it's pretty much the end of the season. :D

Behind the cut for the pretty…

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Seriously? Seven months?

Greetings Flisters!

Whew. Has it really been 7!!! months since I last posted? Why, yes. Yes it has. *hangs head*

Well, apologies. I'm not as active as I so want to be on LJ. Honestly, the three job thing kind of fries my brain, but I do read everything and really look forward to seeing posts from everyone. And even if I can't comment sometimes, I want everyone to know how much I rely on reading my flist every day. :D

Okay…so what's been going on in Skyeville? Sooooo much. Let's go behind a cut so I can catch everyone up. :D

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It's Pi's Birthday!

And in honor of the great day, I bring cupcakes!!

Okay, it took me longer to start posting than I thought it would but work has been kicking my ass lately. *gives it the evil eye*

Anyway...I bring a fic offering. Not my standard BSG norm, but another fandom I love muchly, La Femme Nikita. :D

Here's the title stuff:
Title: LFN Fic: Seems Like Old Times—Part Two
Author: Monti
Date: June 29, 2010
Rating: M
Word Count: 3004
Category: General
Pairing: Michael/Nikita
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Loose references to aired season episodes…
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. But oh I wish I did…I mean Michael cried blood for criminy's sake. LOL
Author's Note: Originally posted the first part for the Write & Gripe comm challenge. Also, totally not beta'd...any and all mistakes are mine. And Lynn...this one's for you. :D

Seems Like Old Times...Collapse )

And here we are on Day Nine!! Gotta say I'm having so much fun interacting with everyone. :D Here's hoping I don't fall into the habit of not posting again. :D

And today's offering is fanfic again. I've been very focused on writing original stuff and editing and I've missed playing in the fandom sandbox. I seriously need to make myself take the time and break out the toys. :D

A little background on today's offering, I started it AGES (like April of 2010) ago from a prompt or comment (I can't remember which) from callmeonetrack. The story doesn't quite fit the exact concept and the sages decided to give me the scenes piecemeal style and totally out of order. LOL Evil buggers. *shakes head*

Anyhoo...there is more to this one and I'm hoping to post a little more after 12 Days. :D

So...title info:

Title: Stealing Kara
Author: Monti
Date: April 13, 2010
Rating: PG (This chapter)
Word Count: 781 (This chapter)
Category: AU
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Warnings: Hmm…I don't think there are any.
Spoilers: Loose references to aired season episodes and deleted scenes…
Disclaimer: Just gently (well…mostly) using these characters. They don’t belong to me.
Summary: Lee decides stealing Zak's girl is a good idea.
Author’s Note: This one was inspired by callmeonetrack…who wanted a fic where Lee purposefully set out to steal Kara from Zak.

And behind the cut we go...

Stealing Kara...Collapse )
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And Happy Day Eight!!

So...a really long time ago, I tried my hand at writing out of my normal fanfic arena for a challenge. I've shipped a lot of couples from a lot of shows, but the very first one that captured my interest to an obsessive level would be Michael and Nikita. I mean the chemistry between them just reached right out of the screen, grabbed me and wouldn't let go. And like pilots, so much of what they feel is all played out in the subtext. GAH! I have a serious kink for that. :D

Anyhoo...I was remiss and never posted the ficlet to my LJ...an oversight I'll be fixing momentarily. :D

Without further ado...(And Lynn...this one is for you. :D)

Title Info:

Title: LFN Fic: Seems Like Old Times
Author: Monti
Date: June 1, 2010
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1637
Category: General
Pairing: Michael/Nikita
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Loose references to aired season episodes…
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. But oh, I wish I did…I mean Michael cried blood for criminy's sake. I like that in a man. LOL
Author's Note: Originally posted for the Write & Gripe comm challenge. First time writing for this particular fandom so I kept it very short. My goal was to explore the subtle changes that might occur in five years, but hopefully keep the underlying always present connection between Michael and Nikita. My own personal concrit? I wanted to spend more time with Michael but he wanted to see Nikita RFN. LOL 
And behind the cut for fic we go...

Seems Like Old Times...Collapse )
YAY!!! Almost time for the New Year! And it is time for Day Seven!!

So...some background. I literally started this in 2008. I know, right? What can I say...I got blocked for a really long time. :(

But...I finally finished the Snippets for Sacrifice. :D This is one of my favorite types of BSG fic to write and I hate that it's taken me so long to get back to it. The good news...I have a pretty solid idea of where I want to go for Captain's Hand so hopefully that means it won't be three freaking years before the next one goes up. :D


Title stuff...

Title: Snippets in Time—Sacrifice
Author: Monti
Date: April 4, 2008 (Yeah, I seriously started it THAT long ago. *sigh*)
Rating: M
Word Count: 4147
Category: AU/PWP
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Warnings: Uh…smut, smut and more smut
Spoilers: Loose references to first and second season episodes and deleted scenes…
Disclaimer: Just gently (well…mostly) using these characters. They don’t belong to me.
Summary: Random scenarios from random episodes
Author’s Notes: These will be stand-alone stories. The only thing they’ll have in common is the title.
Author’s Additional Note: What if Sacrifices played out differently? Lee doesn't stick around with Dee and Kara doesn't shoot him?

And behind the cut we go for fic...

Sacrifice Snippets...Collapse )

We've reached Day Six and another offering of fanfic. This one is a crossover with La Femme Nikita, another one of my all time favorite shows. Happily, this one is very near to being complete. I have a few more things to tie up and details to work in, but hopefully I can post the rest in the near future. :D

So...title info:

Title: LFN/BSG Crossover (Cooperate…or Die)
Author: Sky
Date: May 2011
Word Count: 2027

Genre: AU Crossover
Warnings: Spoilers for both shows
Rating: M
Pairings: L/K, M/N

Fic behind the cut...

Cooperate or Die...Collapse )
All righty...Day Five...Fanfic. YAY!!! I don't get to post as much as I used to and I hate to put up partially completed WIPs when I have no idea when I'll get to finish the whole thing. But...this one has a good solid beginning and I hope by putting it out there, the momentum will keep going. :D

Some background...I didn't watch the whole series of Lost, but I did get to chat with a lot of peeps who did...and this is inspired by the plot thread from the show...

Most definitely AU and I pull some details from Caprica and twist them around a little. In essence...the military aspect is gone. Adama is the leader of the Tauron mob. Helena Cain is one of his underlings. Lee works for the Global Defense Agency. Tigh is his superior. Kara is an Art History professor and the curator of a museum. :D Hopefully, by the time it's complete, all our fave characters will make an appearance.

So...I hope you enjoy!

Title: Sidewaysverse
Author: Sky
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Date: May 27, 2010
Rating: PG (this chapter)
Word Count: 1211
Category: AU
Warnings: None

Behind the Cut we go...

Sidewaysverse...Collapse )

Black Unicorn Cast List - Part Two

Okay...we met the main cast in the last post. Now it's time to meet the rest of the crew. :D

And while this is my make believe TV show...it's also an original fiction I hope to turn into a published manuscript/series in the very near future. :D To that end...I'll be posting the completed first book as part of the 12 Days of Ficmas. (That's the tie-in part. :D)

Without further chit chat...we'll go behind the cut to meet the rest of our cast. :D

Black Unicorm ComicsCollapse )

Almost Time for 12 Day of Ficmas!!


A very, very long time ago (seriously, over a year *blushes*) I asked the lovely i_am_girlfriday to give me a prompt to cast my very own make believe TV show. :D She gave me an inside look at a small publisher. Awesome, no?

Anyhoo...some of you may remember I posted the beginning of a fic showcasing the first part of Creative Ink (the name of the show) and picked a small indie comic book press as the behind the scenes setting and so became Black Unicorn Comics. Well...I never did get around to doing the cast list and I really want to share it with you. :D Yes...there's a reason that ties into 12 Days of Ficmas...but I'll get to that later...

So...without further ado, we go behind the cut to see my lovely cast. (Please be advised, none of the actors or actresses chosen had to suffer through the dreaded casting couch antics. And yes...I totally tried to pull that. LOL!!)

Black Unicorn ComicsCollapse )

A SkyPost? Really??

December 4, 2011

Holy hell…has it really been almost a flipping year since I've done a long, rambly update? *blushes* Yes, yes it has.

Whew. All I can say is I have an excuse. A good one, really. Which I'll get to behind the cut, but first, here's a short list of what I've been up to:

TV: Sons of Anarchy: One of the few shows since BSG to almost eat my brain. So damn good.

Editing: Oh, the tales I could tell about this last year of doing what I love. Okay…I will tell a few. :D

Family Stuff: After taking a nice long time to say goodbye to Mother Sky, The Dad Unit met someone and is getting hitched in February. It's all kinds of great, and well, okay, maybe a little weird for me, but there's a story behind that. :D

Writing: Lots to talk about. Very excited.

And last but not least, WORK. And herein lies the biggest reason I've been so absent. In March, I landed a part-time job as a deputy clerk of our municipal court. Guys…it's been a crazy ass ride so far. LOL. Deets behind the cut.
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