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So...Miss Pi should be relaxing and getting pampered while having some well-earned Girl Time with JJ. (At least I hope so.:D)

But, it's still her B-Day!! And I wanted to find a perfect Pi Cake to post in celebration. FOUND ONE!!!

I love this cake! Bright, cheerful and full of whimsy. See...Pi is all those things. She keeps up when I'm having a truly crappy day. Makes me laugh. And she lets me snark on about completely random stuff. :D


I hope your day has been filled with Happy Fun Times. (And relaxing ones, too. :D) 

Greetings on Day 16!


Only one post today. I have another first chapter almost ready, but it's not quite to the place I feel I can post it yet. Hopefully tomorrow. :D


We're getting closer to the end of Midwinter Crisis. :D Hope you've enjoyed the tale so far.


And please, if you have suggestions for a different title, please share. Or if you like Midwinter Crisis, let me know.


Okay, enough with the chit chat…on to the story…



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Day Four


Breaking Point is a sequel to Close Quarters. The sages have been feeding this one to me in bits and pieces for forever. It's finally coming together and about ¾ of the way done. Basically, I'm pretty sure I've got all the key pieces ready to go, but I have to string them all together cohesively.


Did I mention the sages did NOT give this stuff to me in order? No? They so didn't. *glares at them*


I'm actually kind of excited about finishing this. I really love some of the places our pilots have to go. Here's hoping everyone else does, too. :D





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My first 12 Days of Ficmas post is the opening chapters to Surviving the Trap, my novella published through Red Rose Publishing.


Tomorrow's will feature the same characters so I thought this would be a good intro.





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Happy Almost Holidays From Skysville!!



Hope everyone is getting into the holiday swing and all prepped and ready for the Ho-Ho man.


At the Sky Casa, we're almost set. The younger two kidlets have their holiday program this Sunday and are so excited about it. From what I'm told there's singing and dancing and lots and lots of fun!! :D


Started my baking/holiday food projects today. Apparently I'm doing cookies for the little miss's class party on Friday, so that'll be handled tomorrow. : ) The weekend will be popcorn balls…who doesn't love sticky, gooey messes? LOL


Okay, so I don't love them, but Mr. Sky has a hankering for them so he's getting some. :D


Other than that, we're trying to stay warm. I don't mind the cold, but temps in the single digits can bite me. Throw in wind chill and we're talking minus degrees. Bleh. Where's the beach when I really need it? LOL


Work wise, it's busy and I love it. Some days I'm flying along and everything goes smoothly and other days I'm pulling my hair out. I wouldn't have it any other way. Helping my authors tell a great story feels pretty damn good. :D


And speaking of telling a good story…a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the 12 Days of Ficmas poll. I'll be posting the first entries later tonight. YAY! I'm very excited to share with everyone. Most of the responses were for a mix of original and fanfic, so I'm including both. And instead of picking between only posting the first chapter or two of a dozen or so fics or going with something longer, I'm opting to do each. I have two short stories, Down in Mexico and Midwinter Crisis, that will be posted in full and then I'll post the first chapter or two of everything else.  


So…if things go according to plan, two entries a day. :D (Okay, possibly more if LJ decides to be a PITA and makes me split the posts. LOL)


I think that's it from the frigid state of Ohio. One of these days I need to do another TV post. Look for that after the first of the year. :D


Catch everyone on the flip!



December 5 2010


Greetings Flisters!


Not much to report in Skysville…or maybe too much going on to report it. *nods* Yeah, that's the deal. LOL


Car drama, per usual eats up more of my time than I truly like. At the moment, both are running again…even though the suburban sounds like a tank. My 17 year old thinks it's great. It sounds like it drives now. LOL Obviously, we need a new exhaust for it, but that's not in the cards until income tax refund time. :D


I picked up some freelance editing work and that's been the big thing keeping me away from LJ, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I love, love, love the work, but deadlines always kick my ass into gear. This is not a bad thing, but I've had a couple of tricky manuscripts that made me want to pull my hair out.


The publisher I’m editing for places prime importance on author style and while I think that's truly awesome, sometimes I'm have to scratch my head. I struggle with remembering that when an author writes male/male fiction and I could drop two prissy girls into the story and have it make more sense. *sigh* No offense to prissy girls anywhere.


And seriously, I promise I won't be bitching about work all the time. I'm too appreciative of having it to make a big dealio out of stuff that makes my head spinny. Working with authors to bring them along and help them find their voice is something we want to do at Ellipses. This is a great way to hone my skill set. :D


Speaking of Ellipses. We're making headway. We're shooting for spring to summer for launch, but we're also okay waiting until we have everything ready to go, too. Submissions are key and we'll be putting out a call on Publisher's Trove sometime in January.


BTW, for my writing flisters, Publisher's Trove is a great yahoo group to join. Numerous publishers (primarily e-pubs) have pitch days and each Wednesday is a general pitch day for authors looking for a home for their manuscripts. Check it out, if interested. :D


Let's see…what else? Gearing up for Xmas is underway. Our tree theme this year, picked by my number two kidlet, is ImagineNext. His plan is to have everyone make ornaments out his ImagineNext stuff. I think it's going to be rather fun. My contribution will be two garlands, which I need to get started on this week. :D


Other than that, baking is on tap. I love to do it and the kidlets and Mr. Sky love the results. Always nice to continue that tradition. And speaking of traditions…


About two years ago I started a 12 Days of Ficmas tradition and this year I'd like to continue…but in a different way. Normally I post fanfic featuring our favorite pilots, but I've been focused on writing original manuscripts for a big part of this past year. So…I thought I might try something new.


If my flist is interested, I'd like to do a mix of original and fanfic entries. My original plan was to post the first chapter(s) of WIPs and almost complete manuscripts. Then I got to thinking that might be too much of a frustrating tease, so…


A poll!


Poll #1653610 12 Days of Ficmas

Would you like to see a mix of original and fanfic?

Yes! Both please.
No. Just fanfic.
No. Go with the original stuff.

Are chapter(s) a good idea?

Yes! Bring it on.
No way. Gimme a good taste of something.

Would you like to see a mix of original and fanfic?

<input ... >Yes! Both please.
<input ... >No. Just fanfic.
<input ... >No. Go with the original stuff.


Are chapter(s) a good idea?

<input ... >Yes! Bring it on.
<input ... >No way. Gimme a good taste of something.

Poll #1653611 12 Days of Ficmas

Would you like to see a mix of original and fanfic?

Yes! Both please.
No. Just fanfic.
No. Go with the original stuff.

Are chapter(s) a good idea?

Yes! Bring it on.
No way. Gimme a good taste of something.


Eh, not sure what's up with two polls, but oh well. Pick one if you would. :D

Catch everyone on the flip!


You're All Invited!!

I'm inviting my entire flist to my first Avon e-Party! Starting now through October 15.

With the holidays just around the corner, get a head start on your shopping. Sign on for a party of your own and receive $10 in free product PLUS 10% of your party sales. :)

It's super easy, too! Everything is online and I do all the work. Click through the link, sit back, relax and browse at your convenience.

Invite behind the cut...

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Time for Another Catch Up in Skyville

Let's do another catch up with the happenings in Skysville.


First, the Great Garage Clean Up is moving along nicely. I've got most of the heavy work complete. WOO! I still need to hit the stuff up in the rafters and do some additional sorting, but the bulk of the hard stuff is complete. Gotta say…it feels great. : D


Next…remember the Total Drama Island stuff from a few months ago? I was summoned to court to testify for an assault charge on the female. The good news? They must've settled or plea bargained or something. I got a call the morning of the hearing telling me I was off the hook! YAY!


But…(You knew there'd be one, right?) Let's go behind a cut for the rest.



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Birthday Greetings

A very happy birthday to a terrific flister!

Have an awesome day, Bee!

Happy Birthday

(Apologies for the age. The color is what I was going for. :D)

What's up in Skysville?


Time for another rambly catch post about the life and times in Skysville. :D


Let's see…We got our new fridge!!!!! Seriously, it's probably beyond stupid to be so giddy, but living out of coolers for three weeks totally bites ginormous honkin' big ones. LOL


Landscaping is still underway. I got sidetracked by heat and other life stuff. : ( The Great Garage Clean Up is really kickin' at the moment. I got an entire corner cleared, sorted and organized. I also got almost half my office cleared and reorganized. Biggest problem with that is it takes me like three weeks to remember where I've stashed everything. LOL


Other fun stuff? It's almost time for school to start!!!!!! My oldest is off to our local career center for electronics and my middle one gets to play golf for the junior high. Our middle school is grades 7/8 and he's only in sixth, but they didn't have enough to make a team so he's getting the chance to play. :D The youngest is already bouncy about getting back to see her friends and see what third grade is all about.


Mr. Sky is still doing what he does best. Work three jobs and golf when he gets the chance. LOL


And I'm still writing up a storm. I've got a ridiculous amount of WIPs going at the moment, but I'd rather enjoy the feast than suffer through a major famine. And on a sort of similar vibe…I'm actually sort of hoping to be able to link to my new book review site in the very near future. Stayed tuned for me details. :D


And now let's go behind the cut to see what's been on the Sky View List.


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Sky's Catch Up Post

Time for another Catch Up Post


So…I started this post last week and I'm just now getting around to posting it. LOL


Before I get to the other mundane crap, let's me tell you about the bizarro crazycakes batshit insane drama that happened this morning (okay yesterday morning…was too tired to post last night when I finished typing LOL).

Behind the cut…


Click for the CrazyCollapse )

And now…onto the rest of the update…


Sky Life: Landscaping still continues and I'm actually enjoying it. Well, except for the past week when the temp was so hot you went limp and wilted in it. LOL Ugh…I'm in Ohio, it shouldn't be 97 effing degrees. : (


The other big fun project of clearing out the garage is coming along. I sorta took a break when the heat wave crap was going on, but it's game on again this week. My oldest son and a couple of his friends will be bribed, begged and/or badgered into helping me move some of the big stuff.


Random stupid stuff like our fridge totally croaking it and one of our vehicle batteries dying also happened but was balanced out by totally kicking ass on changing out the brake pads on our Honda. : D Saved us like $80.00.

What's been on the Sky Must View List?

We'll go behind a cut again...

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Sky's Catch Up Post

Random Update


Not much going on in Sky Land except loads of yard work/gardening/landscaping and massive clean up projects around the house and garage. And writing. Lots and lots of writing.


The sages are being very kind to me right now. *pets them*


Since they are being so awesome, I thought I'd offer up one of those teasy teaser type posts for everyone. Sneak peeks of my unruly list of WIPs. :D


We'll do that behind a cut…for length. LOL *headdesk*


Oh, I should also add that none of this is beta'd or edited. And er…a couple of the titles will probably undergo numerous name changes before everything is said and done. "D




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Birthday Greetings!!

To a couple of awesome flisters:

 - Hope you're feeling better!!

And scifishipper  - I hope the muse came back out to play. :D

Birthday Greetings!

Birthday Greetings for the marvelous i_am_girlfriday 

(Oops, didn't realize it had an age in the image. :( But it's so pretty I still wanted to use it.)

Birthday Greetings!

Happy Birthday jeneviverose 

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Quick Update and Pimp Time

Greetings Flisters!

I've got the mother of all colds right now. That's actually good news because I usually get one like that when the weather is truly going to get nice and stay that way. (Of course, it's like 47 degrees in Ohio right now, so yeah, maybe not so nice. LOL)

Writing is really coming along. I'm ahead of the game on my daily word count goal and that makes me happy. :D

Operation Clean Shit Up got a wee bit side-tracked but I've redeployed the bratlets and they're mucking in the trenches even as I'm posting this. To accomplish that amazing feat, I had to bring Drill Sargeant Mom back and shove Happy Fun Mom in the closet (which has yet to be cleaned. LOL)

On a final note: For my writing flisters, we have a great convo going on over at Write and Gripe about world building. Stop by and check it out. :D

Until the next update...catch everyone on the flip!


Quick Update and Pimp Time

Greetings Fellow Flisters!

My thought that I'd try to update more often has been an epic fail. :( So I at least want to do a quick and dirty post today.

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Birthday Greetings!!

To the marvelous cynicalshadows !!

Have a terrific, fantastic day!!

Birthday Greetings!

To the wonderful ruthkit !!

I hope you have an awesome day!!!

Birthday Greetings!!

Oh no...total fail on another B-day. :(

Late but very happy birthday greetings to marciaelena 

I hope the day was a great one!!